Friday, December 11, 2009

Non-=Conference Fun

Oh SA, coach of the RPI Skating Engineers. Your coiffed hair, not a strand out of place. You and your hair have inspired, befuddled and third period(ed) your way around RPI fans now for several years. The team has looked good, bad, mediocre and possibly uplifting?

But one thing it has always looked to opposing non-conference teams is "easy pickings".

This year, in non-conference games (not including Union), RPI is 3-4-1 and has been outscored 23-20. Not bad right? Let's look back further. In 08-09 they were a stunning 1-10 against NC opponents (not including Union) and outscored 45 to 15! 07-08 was not much better. 3-6-1 (not counting Union/Colgate non-conference) being outscored 24 to 21.

Clearly, RPI has to get better in the ECAC first before addressing how good it is compared to the rest of the county but these statistics do not point to a good trend.

All of this is my way of saying that I expect the trend to continue tonight against BU. They have owned RPI in the past, are in a major hockey conference and I expect badness. Still, that is why they play the games.

4-1 BU over RPI.

As always, USCHO's prediction:

Rensselaer @ Boston University
Neither team is showing much these days. BU is coming off a dismal loss to archrival BC, but hey, so is RPI against Union. Honestly, I think that if the Engineers can show the same kind of jump that they did on Wednesday on the road Friday, they will take the Terriers quite by surprise. Optimistically, 4-3 RPI.

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