Friday, January 25, 2008


OK, here we are a few weeks into the ECAC sched. Sorry I haven't updated recently but I have been out and about in Utah and thankfully missed that back to back drubbing by Union. Seriously, 9 straight, 9 straight losses??????

Isn't this typical of Appert's tenure so far? Fast starts and then the team drops of the face of the earth? I still have faith in SA but man, 2 seasons showing a trend makes me less than secure.

This weekend is the typical North Country swing which should result in two losses. However, since Clarkson is one of those teams, and the fact that they still suck, I will give that game to RPI and the loss to SLU.

I am not optimistic anymore but I still love those Cherry and White lads! Go RPI!

Of course, USCHO's previews follow bellow:

Rensselaer @ Clarkson
Nine goals in eight games for RPI. Clarkson's 9-1-0 at Cheel. Things aren't looking good for the Engineers. 5-2 Knights.

Rensselaer @ St. Lawrence
SLU people seem to think I have it in for them, predictions-wise. No reason to mollify them now RPI for the upset, because — let's face it — they're going to win sometime. 3-2, by the same score the 'Tute last beat the Saints, in '04-05.

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