Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Mean Seriously

Here is a question for you. Would you rather have a team that is bad for the entire game against elite teams but know you have young talent in the pipeline (thus excited for the future) OR would you have a team that has a lot of potential but gets blown out in the third period by the elite teams in the country in frustrating fashion?

I think what really gets me about games like what happened this past weekend in Fla is that this team clearly has talent. They have tremendous speed, good hands, a decent goaltending tandem (although Lange was a better goalie when it was just he carrying the load). All elements into making this team a really good one to watch and to root for after many many disappointing years of the Fridgen era.

YET- it is clear something is going on between the second and third period in which RPI decides to rip out the hearts and crush the expectations of its fans. In some ways, to revisit my question above, I would rather be completely blown out by the top tier teams then to keep losing in this fashion.

Even if RPI does well in its ECAC matchups and ends up going to Albany this year, does anyone expect them to compete on that level or even in the NCAA's at this moment? We (meaning RPI hockey) do not have the horses right now to be considered an elite program.

I have faith in Appert. I think he is a hell of a recruiter and I am excited by the future. However, I am not longer excited by the present.

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