Monday, December 10, 2012

Super Sweet Weekend

Wow I was hoping against hope that RPI went 1-0-1 this weekend but to do so by beating UP on Yale and then tying with Brown, I would've never guessed that is how it would play out.

I mean, what an amazing game Friday night. I watched it via the live Yale feed and RPI was quick. They were beating Yale to most of the pucks, had good movement out of the defensive zone and the frosh goalie made the saves he was called upon to make. You watch something like the Yale game and you get pumped for what this team might be able to do during the second half of the season (where has the time gone) and what might happen next year when all of these kids get a season or 2 under their belts.

The Brown game was a bit more depressing as RPI gave up a 1-0 and 2-1 lead to end the game tied to the second worse team in the ECAC but with some of the most important offensive players (Laliberte and Rogic) contributing assists and Kasdorf contributing yet another solid game, I can't complain with a tie.

Heck I am not going to complain at all, I am so stoked with how the lads responded this last weekend Now all they have to do is keep it up! :P

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