Tuesday, December 04, 2012

About Right

The thing about this RPI team this year is that they will always surprise you. At the beginning of the year they start with a hard NC games and actually play the teams well, winning some, tying some. It makes you think they are running on all cylinders.

Then they begin the ECAC season and start getting blown out. Neither goalie is good and they start relying on a frosh goaltender. Key players get hurt but somehow, RPI starts playing better. They are not going 2-0 on weekends but last weekend finishing 0-1-1 surprised me and in a good way.

It is hard to believe it is only December but the lads have but me through so many ups and downs it feels like they have played a full season already. The tie last weekend felt like a win, the lads played hard, skated well, outshot the heck out of Princeton and while they should have won, we will take the tie.

The Q is clearly one of the best teams in the country (having stomped on Union the night before) so losing to them is no big deal.

RPI is settling into the .500 team that they typically are under Appert, which is much better than how they were looking earlier this year. Hopefully they will keep winning some games to get a bit better playoff seeding but for now I will take win some/lose some. As always, I am cheering for wins and for dear old RPI!

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