Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Will Take It

A 1-0-1 start to the season against last year's runner up NCAA champion? HECK YEA!

Friday night was a revelation, the boys were skating hard, got the lead and in my mind, never looked back. Diebold only made a mistake on the first goal and after that was rock solid.

Saturday was a different game. RPI looked lost, couldn't clear zones to save their lives and had too many "just get it out" passes that ended up being intercepted. However, the Sophomore Sensation line (dubbed by the WRPI crew) stepped up with 2 tallies and the game ended in a draw which was the best result RPI could've hoped for, given how they were playing on Saturday.

That being said, wow 1-0-1, amazing way to start off the year. Can't wait to see how they play next weekend in Minnesota Makato!

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