Thursday, January 05, 2012

Halo RPI-Verse!

Well, I took a couple of weeks off for the holidays. What did I miss? Oh yea, 3 more losses. At least RPI is stepping it up in the offensive category and scoring a a 2 goal a clip game but the defense has completely abandoned the lads having let up 15 goals in 3 games.

We have to face facts as the team turns in January, it just isn't very good. The goaltending isn't helping either. Merriam is 2-11 but his save percentage is at least above .900 which is better than the frosh Diebold. The mantra should be "the future is now" when it comes to goaltending and the rest of the team. 4 of the top 5 scorers on the team are the freshmen and sophomores.

There are 16 games left and I am a diehard Cherry and White as you guys know but I think at this point we have to play for next year and that means major minutes for the youngs.

On the plus side, RPI will be on the NBC Sports Network this Friday night as they go up against the Big D. Also on tap this weekend is Harvard with both games at the HFH. Of RPI's 4 wins this season, 3 have come at home. I would love for the lads to suck it up and sweep the weekend. We will see if they do.

As always, GO WHITE!

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dvo7 said...

Let's go red! The least we can do is mess some teams playoff dreams up, as thE season comes to a close. Like coach said we can be one mean son of bitch team to play, play with intensity and heart for the cherry and white.