Thursday, October 06, 2011

Feeling Minnesota?

So another season is underway. The lads had a good start in their one warm up game against Acadia but now the test begins Friday night at the Houston Field House.

Last season Minn State finished second to last in the WCHA. Last season they tied St. Lawrence twice and won against Brown, which is sorta depressing that one of the worst WCHA teams was still 1-0-2 against the ECAC.

Still, the WCHA is a step above most of the dwindling number of hockey conferences and this team is not to be taken lightly. They have 12 forwards returning and a senior goaltender in Austin Lee so they will have experience whereas RPI will be a bit green with all their froshes.

That being said, I expect RPI to take the weekend. This is a series that they should take despite losing their two top scorers and best goaltender since Little. Still I am a bit worried that the lads won't be used to the test at the collegiate level so I am thinking they will walk away with a 1-0-1 record.

USCHO has a rather pessimistic season preview but here it is anyway:

9. Rensselaer
Boy, oh boy, did the Engineers get whacked on graduation day — plus that York fella taking off for greener ($$) pastures. This year’s roster doesn’t feature a single player who has scored at least 10 goals in an NCAA campaign, nor a goalie who has played more than 420 minutes of college hockey in a season. All that said, there is ample potential in the ‘Tute locker room, and — as the buttons proclaim — I believe in Seth Appert. Avoiding a first-round road trip should be considered a small accomplishment at this point.

As always, GO RED, GO WHITE!

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