Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bueller? Bueller?

Oh Ferris State, the Cherry and White are coming for ya!

Sure you shellacked fellow ECAC member St. Lawrence but you have been down in dumps in the CCHA for years what could change?

Well as RPI's fortunes change, so too can Ferris' and last weekend should be a wakeup call for RPI. I remember way back in the day when Lake State came for the Holiday Tournament. They were years past the great NCAA championship teams, in the bottom third of the CCHA but they were still an CCHA team. They came in and kicked everyone's ass.

I have pontificated on here before that the ECAC, while a great league and a I league I invest a lot of time in, is a distant fourth to the WCHA, CCHA and Hockey East. That said, if RPI is going to start playing with the big dogs by making the NCAA tourney, they will have to start beating those dogs and it starts this weekend.

The road is never a good place to pick up 4 points against the CCHA but let's get it on anyway! My prediction, the team again goes 1-1. I think RPI has the horses to compete with Ferris but the road will take its toll (probably on Friday night).

Another question is who starts in net? SA can start the frosh or Merriam. Since I am not sure who is better at the moment, SA should probably keep the rotation on until one rises above the other. Hopefully they both keep their GAA's at 1.00 so we don't have to choose!

As usual, USCHO has some picks for ya!

Rensselaer at Ferris State (Friday-Saturday)
The Engineers will have to boost its power play production from an unimpressive 2-for-16 performance the first weekend of the season. St. Lawrence made Ferris State look like a world-beater last week, as the Bulldogs scored four power play goals and went 9-for-10 on the penalty kill.
Ferris State, 3-0; Ferris State, 2-1

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