Thursday, January 07, 2010

Looking Back/ Looking Forward

Well, look at that. I go on vacation in the Adirondacks with no Internet for a week and all hell breaks loose in the RPI universe. First they win over Michigan (some call it Maize, I call it corn) and then get blown out by State. Overall, a good showing against two perennial powers on their home turf. Secondly, the message boards are alive talking about the inspired play of Jerry D'Amigo on the now gold medal winning USA team.

Clearly, what these two items show is that Appert is capable of recruiting top flight talent. He did it at Denver and now he is doing it at RPI. Tip of the cap to him.

Coming up this weekend, RPI faces the Southern Tri-State swing against the Q and Princeton. The Princeton game was rescheduled to Sunday and will be shown on ESPNU. I think the lads are now up and ready for the second half of the season and will sweep both the teams. Either way, I am sure to be watching on Sunday!

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