Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good, Bad, Ugly

Ok, so the season is over. One of the worst win loss records in memory and yet an almost magical playoff run that basically made the season a "draw" in my mind. I could go over the season in huge recaps but I am a lazy, lazy man. Instead, I will give you the good, bad and ugly of the season as a recap.

The Ugly:

Shots on Goal. RPI played 34 regular season games. Guess how many times they out shot their opponent? 8, 8 times! In fact, RPI was out shot 1047 to 858 (RPI). RPI averaged 25 shots a game sure but their defense gave up 30 or more shots in a game 17 times! In fact, opponents averaged 30 shots per game. Clearly the defense needs to step up big time to rectify this ugly statistic from the season.

The Bad:

Next to last in lots of categories. The ECAC is a 12 team league. RPI was 11th in PPG, power play percentage, goals against and GAA. 10th in goals, assists, goals per game and empty net goals against. As anemic as the defense was, the offense was worse.

The Good:

Finally, here we are at the good. What can be taken away from this season that puts a smile to your face? Allen York. As a freshman (drafted in 2007) York posted a save percentage above .900. He also recorded the only shutout of the season. Oh, and did I mention he was a freshman? Couple that with the top 4 scorers being either freshmen or sophomores and the future looks bright indeed for the cherry and white. Polacek 14th in the league in scoring. Not so great in individual categories but I think they have the young guns to change that in the next few years.

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Krsnit said...

Just wait until next year. RPI has an incoming freshman by the name of C.J.Lee. I have watched him play at Green Bay for the past 3 years and RPI is getting a proven scorer, team leader, and a truly outstanidng player. Best of luck and see you in the championships.