Monday, December 15, 2008

Was An Update Really Necessary?

I didn't post a Friday preview and I am at a loss of providing a recap of this weekend's action. I mean, did anyone expect a different result? This is a national program versus a frustratingly underachieving team and the result speak for themselves.

As I mentioned awhile back, RPI has to make itself a top tier team in the ECAC. I appreciate Appert wanting the team to play against the best (like Izzo at Mich State bball) in the early going but the true test is can RPI hang with its conference.

Once the program gets to that level then the question can turn to, can they compete on a national level. As "What About Bob" taught us, its all about baby steps. This last weekend had nothing to do with that.


joen05 said...

Playing against the best brings out the best in players, which is why I think coaches sometimes schedule matches against teams that are clearly superior.

I always like seeing BU play against RPI.. it's usually a tough, well fought game.

Besides, playing against good teams is especially sweet if you can pull off an upset. :-) Here's hoping RPI doesn't do that at the Denver Cup. :-D


Let's Go Terriers

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