Monday, December 01, 2008


Ok, so I saw the lads for the first time when I went up to the CD for Turkey Day. I thought I should list the positive attributes of the team rather than dwell on the losing and their terrible play.

1) Zarbo is a great puck moving defenseman. Fast on the rush, great dekeing skills, I love to watch this kid move the puck out.

2) Polacek has a hell of a shot. Heavy and fairly accurate.

3) Fans know I am a big rooter for Tyler Helfrich. While a bit on the smallish side, he has great hands and a nose for the net. He consistently is at the top of scoring for the cherry and white and a valuable recruit.

4) Goaltending. I believe, I really do. A lot of the goals I witnessed this weekend came from bad D not poor goaltending. I think Lange, while jerked around during the Alford year last year, is a valuable goaltender and while York has been inconsistent, I wouldn't be surprised if he rounded into a top goalie in his sophomore year.

5) RPI fans. Still there despite the losing. Still singing "RED" on the nat anthem and Clarkson cheers. Despite all the technology and recent national acclaim, this hockey team is THE identity for the Institute which brings together the students, the alumni and the hockey loving community of the CD. It was great to see everyone out despite the holidays and the general suckiness of the team.

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