Monday, October 30, 2006

Thoughts From Albany

Well I finally watched RPI in action at the Knick (sorry I refuse to call it the Pepsi or the TU or whatever it is called nowadays). Here are my thoughts:

SO MANY PENALITIES: Wow, are the refs calling it like the NHL game or what? The problem is that many of the penalities were ticky tack and not really hooks and interference penalities. This was not just in the RPI games either, it was evident in the Dartmouth/Vermont game which I caught on TV last night.

SPEED KILLS: My favorite NHL team is the Sabres and they kill teams with their speed. RPI might not have a lot f set plays for breaking out of the zone or setting up in the opponent's zone but man can they fly. I understand now why they could hang with teams like Denver and BU, they have some serious speed coming down the wings.

CAPITAIN KIRK: They can't get him off the puck. He look like Jaomir Jagr out there with the puck on his stick. Clearly the most important cog in the RPI machinery.

PP- WHERE ARE YOU?: I know the season is young, RPI has a new coach and new palyers but that PP looked terrible. The passing as bad and everyone was bunching up where the puck was. Yeesh- someone needs to work on the tape to tape passing skills.

2-1-2 overall- not bad- its too abd the NCAA doesn't recognize the shootout but still that Union game was a classic. The USCHO guy picked RPI as the darkhorse team to win the ECAC this year and I have to say, after seeing the team in person, they have a real shot. Best of luck in the coming weeks!

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