Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well, That Happened

Ouch, what a roadtrip. RPI was outscored 8-0. They were consistently outshot by their opponent. I was worried about rotating goaltenders, especially if one was "hot" but over the last few weeks, neither has done the job. We have a frosh goalie in the wings but knowing nothing about him from the limited play he has seen this season, I am not advocating for a wholesale change...yet.

RPI fans on the message boards and the listserv are insisting there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. What is the fix, is it getting everyone back healthy, is it the D stepping up and playing better, is it the goaltenders stepping up and playing at all?

I am not offering any solutions but considering how feisty and competitive RPI was during non-conference play to start the season lo those 4 weeks ago, things have gone downhill in a hurry since Union. PLENTY of games left to be sure, it is a long season. At some point you just wish all the talk about the potential of this team and SA's recruiting will pay off. Considering the youth on this team, that payoff might be next year and I always remain hopeful!

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