Sunday, March 04, 2012

Wowy Wow Wow

Unreal, unbelievable, un(in)conceivable! RPI, my hat is off to you. You lads, you have been struggling all year. You might have read my disheartened posts or others on the blogosphere about the start to the season but man, you proved us all wrong over the last three days.

Your foot was firmly on the accelerator. All the games, all the periods, you lads came out firing and never let up. Game 1, 5-1 win. Then taking Clarkson to multiple overtimes, outshooting them all around but bitterly losing. Then, not taking any period off in the third and deciding game but winning in 4-1 fashion.

Whew! Applause, whistling, stomping of feet. No matter what else happens in this ECAC playoff, NO ONE can take this series, this weekend away from you. Bathe in it, enjoy it, you earned it.


One VERY happy RPI fan!

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