Tuesday, December 06, 2011

We'll Take It

Well RPI got close but no cigar this weekend going 0-2 against the P&Q's. While this season from a standings perspective is probably going downhill with a bullet, the team PLAYED better and well, considering what has come before, gave us Cherry and White fans an offensive explosion.

RPI scored 5 goals over 2 games. This is sadly the same amount of goals they scored in the previous SIX games so this offense was a welcomed site. In some ways I don't even care if they won because of the goal/shot totals. Also, Diebold played well in the loss to the Q and as the season becomes more of a "learning experience" than a quest for the ECAC crown, I think having the younger guns play and gain experience for the next season should probably be the way to go.

We will see what happens over the Christmas break. RPI has several games beforehand of course and we will cover them all here at RPIHockey. Go Red!

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