Saturday, March 26, 2011

End of Season/Era

At the end of the day, the D chased the man too much, left York open to the ND snipers and the O could not sustain the pressure leading to a 6-0 ND win over the Cherry and White.

I though RPI would give them a tough test but that test was only in the first period. The second period was unreal with RPI going down on multiple penalty kills and then no gas in the tank to continue defending.  ND was much quicker than RPI but not nearly as tough. RPI laid out some good hits over the periods but they could not skate the puck into the ND zone. It was dump and chase and they could not sustain the pressure.

STILL... it was great to see the lads in the NCAA's for the first time in 15 years. Growing up, RPI was always in the national discussion mix but after Fridgen's first year, there was a drought that has extended all my adult life. The last 2 years, the quality of the players have increased and their NC wins have been impressive. Yes, they backed into the NCAA tourney this year but THEY STILL GOT IN and that counts for something.

I will have thoughts about the entire season this week.

Now I want to take a moment and bid farewell to a player I have followed and cheer for over the last 4 years. Tyler Helfrich.

(image from RPI Athletics . Com, all rights reserved to them).

When I first saw Tyler on the ice after coming from Calgary 4 years ago, I thought there was something special about his hands and I was right. 72 assists in 136 games played is nothing to sneeze at. He really got clicking this last season with Chase on the line racking up 38 points in 37 games. Yes, he did run afoul with Appert last season only playing in 27 games (some time also missed due to injury) but overall Tyler was a very valuable member of this team. I always thought he should shoot more as he has a great wrist shot but as the setup man, he will truly be missed by RPI.

In the last 10 years, he has been my fav player with a close second going to Kevin Croxton and maybe one of these days, I will get myself a Helfirch jersey. In the meantime, I want to thank him and all the seniors for their great contributions to the Cherry and White. I hope they all have great careers and lives on and off the ice.


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