Tuesday, February 15, 2011


What can you say about a weekend like that? 2 losses to teams allegedly "beneath" RPI. The resulting losses dropped RPI dangerously close to missing automatic NCAA seeding via the Pair Wise rankings. The losses also puts RPI in danger for not having a first round bye.

In other words, things change quickly in the ECAC. Gee, doesn't this sound like a broken record over the last few years? RPI starts out eh, gets on a streak, destiny in their hands and then they go down over the last few weeks of the ECAC and stumble their way to an ECAC playoff loss.

This team is supposedly different. This team has won differently then the past. We need this team to play differently in the future. The season has had TOO much promise, TOO many advances. Never retreat, always Cherry and White! C'mon lads!

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