Friday, January 19, 2007

500 Hockey Here We Come!

Sorry for not posting after the Union split last weekend but upon reading the stories and box scores it dawned on me that this is the season RPI will ahve the rest of the way 500 hockey and probably bounced in the first round. No I am not being pessimistic, I think Appert is a good coach and once he gets his players in here, this team will be a force in the ECAC.

Its just right now there are too many injuries, too many young players and too new a system to get this together for this season.

It still doesn't mean I won't be cheering for Ripeee! Here is USCHO's take on the weekend:

Clarkson @ Rensselaer: RPI dodged a major bullet in splitting with Union last weekend. Clarkson is the warm-up act to the Big Red Freakout ... will this be a big turnaround weekend or not for the 'Tute? Clarkson says no. 5-1 Knights.

St. Lawrence @ Rensselaer: If RPI loses the Freakout, I'll ... be seriously disappointed ...? Gotta pick the Engineers in front of the crazies. 4-2 RPI.

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