Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Reasons To Fire Dan

Ok- its very simple to say Dan should go but the more involved question is why? Here are my 3 reasons RPI needs a new coach.

1) The record: During Dan's tenure he is 211-193-38 (barely over .500). NCAA appearances? 1 in his first season 94-95 which you could argue was due to Buddy Power's presence rather than what Dan did (who's team also made it to the NCAA's).

2) Recruiting: We have known for a while that he isn't a good recruiter but this is getting ridiculous. First off, players last year were going around in the offseason trying to recruit and now Juneau says he wants to try and help recruit people. The COACH should be doing this not players and former players. I am very happy that they feel so much love for RPI that they are willing to step up for the coach but the coach must do this.

3) The 05-06 team was talented; but a 14-17-6 record where you have a goaltender getting 3 player of the weeks, 3 rookie of the weeks and a team that has the CEO line (one of the most offensively potent lines in the ECAC)?

I asked a question of one of CSTV's analysts earlier this year whether Fridgen should be fired and he responded that while it is up to the AD, Fridgen has had a longer leash than most other coaches with his record. Ya think? Its time for Ralph to put this horse out to pasture!

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